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Amazing candy flavors!


Sour Patch Candy

Strawberry Belts
Strawberry Sour Belts

Strawberry Watermelon
Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum

Swedish Fish Candy

Gummy Worms

Pink Squares
Chewy goodness blasting with flavor. Every inhale is a rush of vibrant, sweet fruity flavor that will have your senses going into overdrive.

Lemon Drops
A mouth puckering sour lemon candy with a sweet lemon center. Perfectly balanced for just the right amount of snappy tartness and sugary goodness.

Peachy Rings
Out of this world spot on sour peach gummy ring! A sweet candied peach flavor that's aromatic and bold with a fun dusting of sour sugar on the end.  

Berry Dweebz
Berry, tangy, and citrus flavored hard candies.

Strawberry Rolls
Juicy Strawberry flavored chewy roll-ups.

Hard Apple
A jolly mix of sweet and sour green apple. 

Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, green apple, and even orange.

Sweet blueberry gummy with a creamy vanilla feel.

Sour Straws
Sour straw candy flavor that includes blue raspberry. Tart, sweet, and sour is what this vape juice has and will make you fall in love with just the scent.