Tropic King

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Tropical refreshing flavors! 


Berry Breeze
Blending together notes of tart blackberries, sweetened blueberries, tasty exotic black currant, and a touch of tangy raspberries to complete the flavor profile.

Mad Melon
Juicy watermelons, sweet honeydew, and luscious cantaloupes for a trio of melons that will reinvigorate the taste buds.

Lychee Luau
Combining aspects of luscious lychees, tasty pears, and a splash of fleshy peaches to create a flavorful exotic vape that will whisk the taste buds onto a tropical island.

Maui Mango
The taste of fresh cut pineapple mixed with a succulent mango and juicy orange. A fruity concoction and a delicious mixture. 

Grapefruit Gust
Taste of grapefruit, mixed with guava and juicy strawberry.

Cucumber Cooler
Taste of cucumber mixed with watermelon and fresh lime